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Ionic-Salentine Association of Railroads Friends
Not Lucrative Organization of Social Usefullness
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SEDE: Via G. Codacci Pisanelli 3 - 73100 LECCE
Tel. fisso: 0832 228821 - cellulare: 335 6397167
Sezione di Bari: Via Oberdan, Stazione di Bari Sud-Est
Tel cellulare: 392 0526404 - 348 6052995

Available links to:
Ferrovie del Sud-Est - Official web site
Home Page Ferrovie del Sud-Est (Unofficial web site by P. Marra)
Salentine Group of Railroad Fan (GSAF-DLF)
(part of the Railway Recreational Club of Lecce)
     1) List of the our publications (available for sale)
     2) 130 years of Railroad in Lecce: Historic-documentary exhibition about
         the Station of Lecce from the steam age to the electrification. (in Italian)
In Italiano
National Association N Scale Friends (ASN) (in Italian)

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