Ionic-Salentine Association of Railroads Friends
Not Lucrative Organization of Social Usefullness

The Association, seated in Lecce, has been legal constituted in june 1997 and operates, no profit, in the field of the conservation and the study of the railway assets of historical interest, with particular reference to the Ionian-salentine area
(Brindisi-Lecce-Taranto) and more widely to Puglia region (FS Italian State Railways - FSE South-East Railroad - F. Appulo Lucana - F. Garganica - Ferrotramviaria) with the following purposes:

  • to collect historically interesting rolling stock
  • to institute a Railway MUSEUM
  • to organize tourist special trains also with steam locomotives
  • to promote exhibitions, studies and publications
  • to realize layouts and dioramas of typical setting in Salento